About Ian

Ian Clarke is a Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur, with a track record of both technical and business innovation, and an outspoken thinker and activist on issues relating to freedom of speech, intellectual property law, and technology. Ian is best known as the founder and coordinator of the Freenet Project; designed to allow true freedom of communication, Freenet was the first decentralized anonymous peer-to-peer network, and a precursor of the “distributed hashtable” data structure. Ian has also founded a number of innovative and diverse commercial ventures, including Revver, the first online video website to share revenue with video creators, Thoof, a collaboratively generated personalized news website, and SenseArray, a powerful machine learning engine.

Ian grew up in County Meath, Ireland, attended university in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has lived in Austin, Texas since 2007.  He has also lived and worked in London, England, and Los Angeles, California. Ian has both Irish and US citizenship.

Ian is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of OneSpot, an ad network focussed on Content Marketing.  In addition to building and running OneSpot’s technology team, Ian has applied SenseArray to build a powerful ad targeting engine uniquely adapted to OneSpot’s needs.

In his spare time Ian enjoys walking, swimming, playing the piano, building, flying, and occasionally crashing radio controlled helicopters, and working on various open source projects.

Freetalk Identity: sanity@eM2qzxVO0qLAh2PAFIynsDVTV2-EY8tgAeYuFhalbSE.freetalk
LinkedIn page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/iancjclarke
Wikipedia profile: Ian Clarke (computer scientist)