Cory says Induce is dead…

Cory blogged that Induce has been “killed”, but adds the seemingly contradictory words “for now”. Outside of a corny horror movie, “killed” generally means dead for good. Not so for Induce.

While this is definitely a step in the right direction, our worst mistake would be to lower our level of vigilance since the entertainment cartel has succeeded in passing a number of anti-innovation laws of late, most of which they were successful in keeping under the radar of their victims until it was too late.

In order for the anti-innovation forces to win, it only requires that we do nothing. To prevent this we must remain eternally vigilant and ready to challenge anything that threatens innovation and the public interest. We must therefore be extremely wary of premature triumphalism, Hollywood’s neo-luddites may have lost the battle, but they are far from giving up on the war.

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