RMS has a blog

Just found what appears to be a blog by eccentric free software guru Richard Stallman here. He discusses his various speaking engagements, most of which are on the subject of software patents in the EU. Stallman is a rather peculiar character, and this is reflected in the detached tone of his blog, and the fact that he spends more time complaining about things like air conditioners in hotels than the actual conversations he has regarding software patents.

One engagement that looked particularly interesting was a debate he had in Luxemburg with a software patent lawyer. With classic Stallman bluntness, he writes “My speech yesterday was something I rarely do: a debate. The first speaker was a patent lawyer. The organizers said it would be easier to set up the event if they could invite him too, and this person wasn’t a cunning orator, so I took the risk–and I wiped the floor with him”.

I hunted around a bit to see if I could find a recording of that debate available for download, but unsuccessfully. I fired off an email to them asking them about it, will post if I get a response.

In another entry, he discusses how some free software supporters who was supposed to pick him up at the airport got into a car crash on the way, and one of them didn’t survive. Stallman reflects on this briefly, but remains rather impersonal.

A window into the mind of Stallman this blog is not.

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