An alternative to Senator Boxer for California Democrats?

Like my girlfriend Janie, many Democratic voters in California who follow technology issues will be faced with a tough decision as they decide who to vote for the US Senate, given Democratic Senator Boxer’s enthusiastic support for the contemptible Induce Act (which while temporarily deceased, could spring back to life at any moment).

One option is the Libertarian candidate Judge Jim Gray. Now, one has to be careful with Libertarians because while they dislike government regulation (such as copyright), they have a real hard-on for property rights, and they often misdirect this at the misnomer of “Intellectual Property”.

So Janie sent him an email asking his position on Induce, and here is the relevant portion of his response:

I would oppose S. 2560.  I deeply believe in protecting intellectual
property and rewarding people for their creations.  However, in my view you
are right in your assessment of this bill.  It really is a special interest
protectionist bill for special interests in the entertainment industry that
give lots of money to Senator Boxer.

So, predictable Libertarian homage to “intellectual property”, but would be against Induce, and therefore we hope any future incarnation of it.

In the interest of presenting both sides, a number of people whose opinions I respect are quite critical of the libertarian philosophy. Seth Finkelstein has a good essay entitled Libertarianism Makes You Stupid, which you may want to read if you are considering a vote for Judge Gray.

Janie has also contacted the other candidates and I will report any responses we receive from them, although time is running out before she must submit her absentee ballot (I only wish all voters put as much careful thought into who they vote for as Janie does, she has literally spent the last few weeks researching every candidate, right down to the city governance level!).

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