Back from LA

Returned from LA on Monday, the flight was ok as 10 hour flights go – I’m finally learning that tolerating long flights is a learned skill, part fastideous preparation, part meditation. It was strange visiting LA again after a year, I suppose its always weird the first time you return to somewhere you used to live. I met up with a few friends, but had almost solid meetings all week which procluded any proper trips down memory lane (visiting favourite pubs/clubs/restaurants etc).

For the record, here are the things I most miss about LA in no particular order:

  • Blue Mondays
    80s music and lots of 80s video games.
  • Nova Express
    Best pizza ever – pesto is my favourite
  • Bar Sinister
    Goth bar/club, used to go on Saturday nights. The music is good, and you can marvel at the crazy outfits some people wear.
  • Paradise Cove
    Food and drink by a secluded beach in Malibu, great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
  • Driving in California
    This is a vague one, but I just love driving in California, the road layouts are consistent, and you can drive an automatic without feeling like less of a man. In the UK, driving a car in a city is like threading a needle, you never know what lane you are supposed to be in unless you have driven an exact route before, and automatics are for people that can’t drive a real car. I hate driving in the UK, and avoid it at all costs.

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