Patents directive “falling apart”

According to Brussels lobbying company BKSH, the software patents directive is falling apart due to “a shift” in the positions of Poland, Hungary, Germany and the Netherlands. Their press release repeats the myth that the directive won’t allow patents on pure software.If the directive does fall apart, while a better outcome than the directive passing in its current form, it would leave open the possibility that the pro-patent forces will try to legalise software patents in Europe through other means. It would be better to pass a directive that explicitly banned patents on pure software while achieving the stated goal of the original directive of harmonising the EUs patent systems.Of course, it seems the real motivation of proponents of this directive was to unleash software patents on Europe under the guise of harmonisation. Thwarted in this goal, they would probably prefer no directive. This would reveal the truth – that they couldn’t give a damn about patent harmonisation if it doesn’t legalise patents on software.

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