A wonderful idea

Since intellectual property lawyers are so keen to extend patentabilty to almost everything they can think of, I have a suggestion they are sure to love:We extend patentability to constructs used in legal contracts! Why shouldn’t the hard work of lawyers be protected by patents? Why should someone be able to get a patent on a vacuum cleaner or a sorting algorithm, but not on a nifty new way to write mutual non-disclosure agreements?! All of that innovation out there being pirated left right and center – its a tragedy. In fact, I fear for innovation in the legal profession if we don’t extend patentability to legal contracts.Obviously these patents must be expressed in a standardised XML-based language which can only be drawn up by highly qualified software engineers. Of course, in the event of any conflict software engineers must also be called upon to sort out any disagreements (commanding premium hourly rates for their services of course!).Lastly, instead of the patent office (which, being full of lawyers, lacks the skills to properly evaluate these patents), such patents are awarded by the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, who get paid $10,000 per patent.Wow, all of this is such a good idea, I should probably patent it!

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