The most useful web tool since Google?

Over a year ago I found an interesting website called “StumbleUpon”. This was while researching collaborative filtering algorithms (for more on why I was doing this watch this space).

Anyway, the basic idea of S.U is that you install a toolbar (works with Internet Explorer and Firefox), and this gives you the opportunity to indicate whether or not you like the web page you are looking at. It also provides a “stumble” button which will take you to a website it thinks you will like based on your ratings of previous web pages.

It has many other nifty features including the ability to add short reviews of websites, and read the reviews of others. It also seems to overlap somewhat with Friendster-like systems as you can view other people’s profiles and add them as friends.

If you ever find yourself sitting at your computer, looking for something interesting but not quite sure what it is you want, this is a great way to pass some time.

The website can be found at

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