A few ideas for projects

I’m always coming up with ideas for new projects, I think the ratio between ideas I would like to implement and ideas I actually get around to implementing is about 15:1.

Two recent additions to my ever-growing TODO list are a decentralised P2P web search engine, and a collaborative editor implemented using JavaScript.

The former is an idea that has been knocking around at the back of my mind ever since Amr Z. Kronfol showed that Freenet’s search algorithm could be generalised to search by keywords, but was reawakened during a conversation with Bill Thompson a few weeks ago during which he lamented the increasing centralisation of the web around Google.

The second is in a similar spirit to my 3D17 project. 3D17 was implemented as a server-side web application, and I think probably failed due to bugginess, and the slowness of doing things server-side. With the increasing popularity of client-side web applications, I have been exploring the possibilities of JavaScript and the level 1 DOM. The possibilities are exciting, although it irritates me when I need to learn new languages that are essentially just brain-damaged versions of languages we already have. Why do software engineers love implementing their own half-assed programming languages so much? (I’ve been guilty of this myself).

Anyway, hopefully I might get around to implementing one or both of these before they become irrelevant…

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