Indy update

Wow, well I can honestly say that I have seen nothing like the response we have got for Indy. Despite the bugginess of the version we released on Monday, the vast majority of feedback has been incredibly positive. Because I am a sad individual, I will sometimes browse through the referrer logs of the website. Most of what I see are bloggers commenting on Indy, probably with no idea that the people behind the software might see what they are writing. Despite this, I haven’t yet seen a comment that wasn’t very positive.

Just to give a taster, here are two examples: one, two.

We released an update yesterday that fixed a few bugs, but there are still some serious ones remaining. In particular, people that have rated a bunch of stuff may find that Indy sits there requesting new stuff but never getting it. Andrew, my brother, who basically wrote Indy but is too shy to have his own website, has been working 15 hour days since we released on Monday to address the various issues that have cropped up.

We should be releasing a new version tomorrow that will fix most of the most serious bugs. I think by the middle of next week we will have a rather robust piece of software.

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