Back to the US of A

Well, I’m back in La-La land. I had been working remotely in Edinburgh on Revver, this was fine for a while, but we got our A-round of funding about a year ago and after that it became less and less realistic for me to be on the far side of the Atlantic. Janie and I moved back here in January, the initial plan was for a 3 month period, but it rapidly became apparent that it would be rediculous to go back to Edinburgh any time soon, so we are now back here for the forseeable future (the forseeable future being a relatively short period of time in my industry).

A few days ago Revver announced its B-round of funding, $8.7 million. The company has been growing rapidly, we have hired a bunch of really cool people with diverse experience and expertise, and consequently it almost feels like a different company every Monday morning – because there are almost always new people to meet and welcome to our adventure. Revver is interesting in that it is squarely in the media space, which is quite a departure for me. Freenet is pretty disinterested in anything entertainment related, since our goal there is to facilitate the proliferation of truth, fiction is of less interest to the Freenet community. Uprizer started by looking at entertainment, but at that time, the only thing the entertainment industry wanted of the Internet was for it to go away and leave them alone, so Uprizer looked elsewhere.

After several relatively quiet years, Freenet has reawakened with the alpha release of Freenet 0.7. Its pretty exciting, in most ways it is a much simpler architecture than before, and that makes things much more predictable. We have a rapidly growing user and developer community, it actually feels a lot like 2001 all over again, except this time we have a really solid architecture and several years of mistakes that we now know how to avoid. These days, when I want to cheer myself up – I think about where Freenet will be in 6 months, and that almost always has the desired effect.

As usual I have a bunch of cool ideas on my stack, unrelated to other projects, that I am just dying to implement, but given my other committments, who knows when I will be able to do this, I don’t think I have ever been this busy.

Watch this space.

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