Once more unto the breach

Well, I decided it was time to get political again, after last Summer’s insane battle against the forces of evil and software patents in the EU (during which I spoke to almost every Scottish MEP, and many English and Irish ones too, not to mention a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels).

This time I read about some anti-DRM protests being organized by Defective By Design, which I think is affiliated with the EFF on Saturday all over the country, and I further noticed that one of them was taking place here in LA. I decided to turn up, and drag my long-suffering girlfriend Janie along for the ride.

There were only two other people there when I arrived, the LA organizer, and his (it seems equally long-suffering) mother. Undeterred by the lackluster turnout, he donned some kind of yellow hazmat suit, and I set about handing out fliers outside the Apple store…

…for about 20 seconds, until the mall security told us that we couldn’t do that and had to leave. Finally, I thought, a chance to confront authority head-on, to challenge the autocratic corporate slavemasters, etc etc. Um, ok, not really, we politely agreed to leave, although I kept handing out leaflets along the way, and my hazmat wearing comrade brandished his anti-DRM poster at the growing number of people wondering what the hell two guys are doing being escorted by store security, one of them dressed like a mild-mannered 29 year old software engineer, the other dressed in a hazmat suit looking kinda like the Unabomber.

Anyway, the experience was rather fun, and I think I will definitely take part in the next one, which I’m sure will have learned the key lessons of this event (which are: 1. plan for more than 24 hours in advance of protest and 2. protest in a public place where you can’t be kicked out by security).

Oh yes, and here is the evidence.

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