Eclipse freezing on SVN update on a Mac? I have the solution

I use the Subclipse plugin for the excellent Eclipse Java IDE, and one thing that has been really bugging me for the past few months is that Eclipse sometimes freezes when I do a Subversion update, requiring me to kill Eclipse and restart it.

Fortunately, I managed to find a solution thanks to Sam Halliday (who reported the same problem some months ago to a mailing list, I emailed him personally to see if he ever found a solution).

the problem is that Subclipse doesn’t really play well with command line svn, so you need to install the javahl bindings. To get these, you can use Fink as follows:

$ fink install svn-javahl
$ cd /System/Library/Java/Extensions/
$ ln -s /sw/lib/libsvnjavahl-1.jnilib .
$ ln -s /sw/share/java/svn-javahl/svn-javahl.jar .

Next time you start up Eclipse, go to Window -> Preferences… -> Team -> SVN and select JavaHL (JNI) instead of JavaSVN (Pure Java).

Update (2007-05-22): Several weeks have now passed and the problem has not reoccurred, so I think its safe to say that this solution has been effective.

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