On WNYC tomorrow – 10am EDT

I’m participating in a debate on the Brian Lehrer Show tomorrow morning at 10am EDT, or thereabouts, you should be able to hear it if you are in New York, or also over the Internet.

Apparently I will be debating Andrew Keen, who seems to be of the opinion that the Internet will do terrible things to our culture because it diminishes the power of the media oligarchy. Yup, this is the same media oligarchy that brings us a never-ending succession of uninspired reality TV shows, news about Paris Hilton, and great movies like “Battlefield Earth”, “Stop or my Mom Will Shoot!”, and “Showgirls”, however will we survive without them?!

It is actually somewhat hard to believe that this guy really thinks what he appears to be saying, so I guess I will hear what he has to say on the show, and disagree with anything that strikes me as unreasonable. Its entirely possible that this is all just flamebait to stir up interest in his new book among bloggers, who are predictably incensed by this guy’s arguments. If so, it seems that people are biting.

Its been a while since I’ve done a live broadcast, lets hope I haven’t lost my edge 🙂

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