Andrew Keen interviewed by Stephen Colbert

Andrew Keen, who I recently debated on a NY radio station, was interviewed by Stephen Colbert last night. He appeared completely oblivious to Colbert’s brand of humor, earnestly asking whether Colbert believed that there were WMDs in Iraq. Of course, Colbert’s character is a slavish devotee of the current US administration, so the response was predictable.

Keen seemed to get quite frustrated with Colbert, apparently missing the joke completely. Colbert, even in character, did a pretty good job of demolishing Keen, who readily admitted to being an elitist (I doubt the snobbish sounding English guy defending elitism in the media garnered much sympathy among the show’s viewers).

I must say that Keen’s publicist must be some kind of genius to get him all of this coverage despite his transparently lame arguments. If there is a media elite, Keen most certainly isn’t a member.

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