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I ripped, mixed, and burned a sentence from here to come up with what would be my email sig if I didn’t have to email some humorless people once in a while:

“Web 2.0,” is basically a collection of random unspecified features written by 23-year-old goth acidheads at Netscape in 1995

Of course, not to nitpick, but AJAX, a key component of “Web 2.0”, relies on the XMLHttpRequest Javascript which was originally created by Microsoft as part of their effort to destroy web standards earlier this millennium. Later (in 2002) the Mozilla project adopted it, opening the door to widespread usage in recent years.

Still, one of the themes of this article, which is that if the WWW is an application platform, it is the ugliest most screwed up platform ever to defile a computer with its presence. No sane person, indeed, very few insane people, would design such a thing. Of course, the problem is that it wasn’t designed, it evolved.

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