British Media: RTFA

Apparently there is a growing controversy in the UK because the leader of the Anglican church, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has suggested that that Sharia law be permitted in the UK.

Unfortunately, it seems that few members of the British Media have bothered to read or understand the Archbishop’s lecture. He doesn’t advocate that the British government compel British muslims to live under this law, rather he simply argues that people should be permitted to voluntarily commit to abide by sharia law if they want to.

That really isn’t any more scary than a non-disclosure or a prenuptial agreement, both of which involve an individual or individuals voluntarily submitting to abide by a set of rules. It doesn’t replace the British legal system any more than any other contract does.

Of course, I suppose I can see the origin of the misunderstanding among the weak minded. Most people don’t consider laws to be things that you voluntarily sign up to abide by, so talk of allowing sharia law probably was bound to cause confusion among moronic journalists more interested in stirring up hysteria than spend 30 minutes reading the thing they are opining about.

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