Obama and Clinton are different species of politician

What a shock, I know I’m really going out on a limb here, choosing my horse so early in the race 😉

One of my frustrations during the coverage of this election is that the US media is simply awful at articulating the differences between the candidates. Rather than doing some detailed analysis, they rely on pundits whose often patronizing theories (blacks will vote for Obama, women for Clinton, black women can’t decide etc etc) are proved irrelevant after almost every state primary, yet for some reason these people still get air time.

So we turn to the Internet. My friend, Stanford Law Professor, and founder of Creative Commons, Larry Lessig, has created a a wonderful video that elegantly articulates why he supports Obama over Clinton.

If you find yourself falling into the trap of thinking that there isn’t much between the two remaining democratic candidates, you really need to watch Larry’s video, in which he argues that this isn’t just a debate between “hope” and “experience”, these two are entirely different species of politician.

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