Clinton adopts “scorched earth” policy

Clinton seems to have adopted a policy of providing so much material to the McCain campaign against Obama, that he can’t win the general election, making her the obvious candidate for Democrats. She and her surrogates have now repeatedly asserted that Obama won’t win against McCain, even going so far as to claim that she and McCain have the foreign policy experience, but Obama doesn’t. Won’t that be great ammunition for the GOP against Obama in the general election? He will be able to say “Your fellow democrat thinks I’m the better candidate”.

Of course, like many of the Clinton campaign’s recent assertions, this is rubbish. According to a March 8th poll, the Washington Post reports that either of them would beat McCain, but Obama has a better chance (with a 12 point lead, as opposed to a 6 point lead for Clinton).

Of course, the irony is that the closer people look at her supposed foreign policy experience, the less real it gets. She claimed to have contributed significantly in the resolution of the Northern Ireland conflict, yet those actually involved say that her involvement was peripheral, really that of a cheerleader (no I’m not being sexist, there are male cheerleaders too you know ;).

I’m pretty confident that this will backfire. Standing in line for the caucuses here in Texas last week, one thing I heard from a number of people planning to vote for Clinton was that they felt she was being treated unfairly, and they was therefore voting out of sympathy for her.

Its hard to imagine much of that sympathy remaining if Clinton continues on her current “scorched earth” policy. It is very unlikely that remaining undecided Democrats will reward her for this strategy.

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