Google donates $18k to Freenet!

You just gotta love Google, we’ve just announced a $18k donation by Google to Freenet. Its hard to believe that its been over 8 years since I started the Freenet project, and almost as hard to believe that we’ve managed to raise enough money in donations to maintain a full-time developer for most of that time (see here if you aren’t familiar with Freenet).

Freenet has also done some favors for Google over the years, for example Freenet was indirectly involved in Google’s hiring of my good friend, and former Freenet contributor, Adam Langley. Also, another Freenetter recently accepted a job with Google, but as he hasn’t started yet I won’t reveal his name.

In other Freenet-related news, on Monday we announced the first release-candidate for Freenet 0.7, the first major release of Freenet to include “darknet” functionality. Now, not only is it extremely difficult for someone (eg. your government) to watch what you are doing with Freenet, but it will be hard for them even to know that you are running Freenet at all.

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