Firefox 3.0 – the last piece falls into place

Firefox 3.0 is great, among my favorite features is a new location bar that seems virtually psychic.  Type “boa”, and it takes me to the Bank of America website.  Type “subm” and it takes me to stories I’ve submitted on Reddit, and so on.

One thing that has been missing is support.  If you aren’t familiar with it, is a social bookmarking website – basically I use it like an off-site backup for my bookmarks.  It also has an awful URL, but works too.

Firefox 3.0 has great bookmarking support, allowing you to tag bookmarks much as you do in  Unfortunately, until now there has been no integration between Firefox 3.0 and  Fortunately, they’ve just released a add-on for Firefox 3.0!

I’m now using it and its pretty good, although I did need to sign-out of and sign back in before it synchronized my bookmarks.

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