Great software heads for branding suicide

A few weeks ago I purchased an Asus Eee PC, and I have to say I’m impressed. Its small, incredibly cheap, yet is very capable of running a modern operating system with a variety of useful apps.

My version came with a custom version of Linux that, frankly, isn’t great. So I installed the absolutely excellent Ubuntu Eee, and have been extremely impressed by it.

So the Ubuntu Eee project has been asked by Ubuntu to change their name. Unfortunately, it seems that they’ve opted for “Easy Peasy”, which is (to be blunt) cringeworthy.

Now, its not that I consider myself any kind of branding expert, but as they say: “You don’t need to be able to lay eggs to tell a bad one”.

The funny thing is that they are clearly well aware that the name is problematic. In a recent blog post they say:

Some love the new name while some think it is childish. That’s why we have to make a really good looking and that is why we need a really good looking and professional logo and website.

Please guys, no amount of professionalism in the logo or website is going to make “Easy Peasy” any less childish!

Whoever within your organization is pushing for this name (and, knowing human nature, its probably the guy that thought of it) needs to take a step back and actually listen to what people are saying.  Don’t just fob it off with “oh well there are arguments on both sides”.  There are arguments on both sides of creationism too – that doesn’t get you off the hook!

Do the right thing, don’t burden a great project with a crappy name.

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