Add a command to list git branches in order of last commit

This is based on this SO answer.

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could order git branches in order of the most recently used, so the ones you are likely to be most interested in are at the top? Here is how, just type:

$ git config --global alias.branches 'for-each-ref --sort=-committerdate refs/heads/ --format=\'%(committerdate:short) %09%(authorname) %09%(refname:short)\''
Now, just type:
$ git branches

And you’ll get something like:

2013-09-21 Ian Clarke gh-pages
2013-09-15 Ian Clarke master
2013-07-14 Ravi Tejasvi contactBook
2013-06-15 Ravi Tejasvi android
2013-06-08 Ian Clarke web-look-and-feel
2013-03-23 Ian Clarke cleanup-topology-maint
2012-06-12 Kieran Donegan topologyMaintenance
2012-05-28 Ian Clarke vaadin
2012-04-27 Ian Clarke refactor-of-peer-info
2011-07-07 Ian Clarke tr-remote-address-everything-needed

Note the date of the last commit, the committer, and the branch name.

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