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Conspiracy theories

This is a very interesting set of videos (there are 5) for anyone familiar with the various conspiracy theories around September 11th.

It is a debate between the creators of the movie “Loose Change”, and the editors of Popular Mechanics. The loose change guys throw morsels of information out, launch ad hominem attack after ad hominem attack on their opponents, change the subject every time they are forced to defend the details of their claims, and basically show us a tour de force of every logical fallacy in the book.

Good grief

My girlfriend Janie just got a Royal Flush in her first ever game of Poker (Texas Hold’em) with a few friends of mine. I have friends who have played poker for years and never seen a royal flush.

The probability of getting a royal flush in this type of poker is about 1 in 31,000. This is taking the concept of beginners luck to an entirely new level.

UK Ministry of Defense ex-contractor decries use of Windows on new warships

Just saw on Channel 4 News (if in the US, think the LA Times of network TV news) that an ex-contractor of the Ministry of Defense has publicly criticised the decision to base the battle control system of the Royal Navy’s latest warships on Microsoft Windows, instead advocating that an Open Source solution would be more reliable and more secure.

This could hardly have been a better advertisment for Open Source had Eric S Raymond written it himself, and on one of the top four UK TV channels at that!